Why rent when you can own

There are so many reasons right now why buying/building a home may actually be cheaper than renting:

1. Home values are down, so the price is right for the buyer. Nation wide home values have dropped 10% to 40% from their highs a couple of years ago. Analysts are saying the market is bottoming as soon as June 30th and there has never been a better time to buy. Locking in a price today will insure a lower price than if you lock in a price when housing starts to pick up again.
2. Interest rates are low. Right now the average home buyer can get a 30 year mortgage from anywhere from 4.5% to 6%. These are rates that we did not expect to see ever again.
3. Government Tax incentives are exceptional. Right now the government has extended their first time homebuyer credit until December 1st 2009. By utilizing this program you have the option to receive a tax credit of up to $8,000 for purchasing a new home from now until December. This makes a huge difference on the purchase price of a new home.
4. Materials and Labor costs are down. The greatest time to build in years due to the slump in material costs. Labor costs are also down, which means we can get you into the home you want for the Price you want.
5. You can deduct the Interest you pay on your home. Did you know you can deduct the mortgage interest paid on your home? This is one of the largest tax benefits the IRS has to offer.
6. Inflation will make rent go up. Your mortgage payment will stay the same while rents will increase, on average, 3% per year.
Building a home is an incredible process. Click Here to see our Custom Home building process, along with the many options available while building a home.
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The example below shows how much you can, not only save by renting, but how much you will actually accumulate by owning a home.

Please check out our custom home section to see the process and options available while building a home. Also check out our picture gallery to see samples of our work and possibilities of what you can do in your next home. Click here to see some sample houseplans that we have offered on our flyers and that you can build for the prices quoted in the example above.

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